For a bit of background…

Last year, on a toasty hot September’s day in Thornton Heath, we (Tilly & Sue) got the wild idea to kickstart a local festive fair. We wanted it to be inclusive, bringing the community together, giving everyone something fun to look forward to.

Something that would celebrate local makers, small businesses, community groups and charities. We dreamt of music, delicious food, rooms filled with laughter, the forming of new friendships and uplifted moods.

Long story short… it nearly broke us, but we did it… AND it was awesome! 😅

We’ve since put on a Spring Fair, with this being the 2nd Festive Fair.

We don’t do this for profit. We are volunteers. Stall holder fees go straight back into the Fair. They contribute towards hiring the fantastically cavernous venue (Salvation Army on the High Street), covering printing costs, decorations, website etc.

If you would like to help us in any way at all, please, please reach out. 🥰 😘

And, please share with everyone you know!